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Family, Guests and Sanctioned Events

All spouses, dependent children, or other guests without their own WMFGA I.D. card must be escorted by a member. In order to escort, you must be carrying your own, valid (current) WMFGA I.D. card. The escorting member is responsible for ensuring the safety of family members and guests; and that they follow the facility rules. It is therefore not acceptable for members to lend their I.D. card to guests or family members to access the facility unescorted. Escorts must be age 21 or older and have their own, valid (up to date) WMFGA/DCSC I.D. card with them available for inspection.

Guest Policy

All annual or life members in good standing and 21 years or older are actively encouraged to bring any number of different guests to the range for courtesy use, up to two time for any guest. The member must be present and actively supervising any guests, and the member is responsible for any guests' compliance with the DCSC range rules. After two courtesy visits to the Range, a guest is expected to become a member to continue use of the Range. The two-visit guest limit does not apply to guests who are 16 years and younger.
See Rule #15. (rev 3/2010)

Sanctioned Events

During sanctioned events, the DCSC is open to event guests and participants. Non-members are guests under the direction of the event coordinator. Non-member participants and/or guests are not free to use the facility for other purposes.

Member Challenge

While accessing the DCSC facility, members must expect to be requested by other members to present a valid membership I.D. with their name on it. Members may themselves challenge others at the facility to present an I.D. as well. Family members and other guests of individual members are welcome at the DCSC. Guests and family members must be escorted by a member, or be participating in a sanctioned event.

Magnetic Gate Cards

Members may obtain a magnetic gate card for a one-time fee of $10.

I.D. Cards for Family Members

Members may request additional I.D. cards and gate cards for their spouse and/or dependent children for the purpose of unescorted access. Family members must be ages 16 through 20 years and living at home to qualify for unescorted access and I.D. cards. These I.D. cards will be issued with the name of the spouse or dependent child on it, and these I.D. cards (like member I.D. cards) can only be used by the person who's name is on it. Like a member, the spouse or dependent child using their own I.D. card to access the DCSC is responsible for following all facility rules and ensuring that their escorted guests do the same. As stated above, escorts must be age 21 or older.

  • The annual fee for each spouse or dependent children's I.D. card is $20.

Hours of Operation

The DCSC is open to members during all daylight hours - sunrise to sunset. Other hours of operation are available only for approved events.

Location Map

The DCSC Entrance Gate is located off of Deer Creek Rd. just outside of East Missoula near that road's railroad crossing located at:

1142 Deer Creek Rd.. Missoula MT 59802

N46, 52.394' (46.873)
W113, 54.430' (-113.907)


Mailing Address

Western MT Fish & Game Association
P.O. Box 4294
Missoula, MT 59806